The OBT Winner’s Circle

The O’Brien Family Golf Classic Past Winners

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Year Winner Photo Location Captain
2020 TBD TBA Wexford Joe O’Brien
2019 Catherine Sheahan  To Be Fixed Athlone Ann O’Connell
2018 Frank Sheahan  To Be Fixed Woodstock Kerry O’Brien
2017 Jono Sheahan  To Be Fixed Gold Coast Frankie Fenton
2016 Adam McMahon  To Be Fixed East Clare Anita Concannon
2015 Adam McMahon
Adam McMahon Winner 2015
Hodson Bay Áine O’Brien
2014 Joe O’Connell To Be Fixed Knightsbrook John Concannon & Stacey McAuley
on behalf of Chris
2013 James O’Brien To Be Fixed Fota Island Katie Barry-Maher
2012 Conor O’Brien
Conor O'Brien Winner 2012
Mount Wolesley Sean Hearne
2011 Conor Ferns
Conor Ferns Winner 2011
Ballykisteen Jono Sheahan
2010 Joe O’Connell
Joe O'Connell Winner 2010
Tulfarris Conor O’Brien
2009 Tom McMahon
Thomas McMahon Winner 2010
Shannon Suzanne & Tom McMahon
2008 Aidan McMahon
Aidan McMahon Winner 2008
Pine Ridge Shannon & Kerry O’Brien
2007 John Concannon
John Concannon Winner 2007
Killerig John Concannon
2006 Mary O’Connell
Mary O'Connell Winner 2006
Gold Coast Joe O’Connell
2005 Sean Hearne
Sean Hearn Winner 2005
Gold Coast Catherine Sheahan
2004 John Concannon
John Concannon 2004
Wexford Micheal Concannon
2003 Diarmuid O’Brien
Diarmuid O'Brien 2003
Wexford Chris O’Brien
2002 Paddy O’Brien
Paddy O'Brien 2002
Wexford Aidan O’Brien
2001 James O’Brien
James O'Brien 2001
Wexford Dermot O’Brien
2000 Stacey McAuley
Stacey McAuley 2000
Wexford Stacey McAuley
1999 Margaret O’Flaherty
Margaret O'Flaherty 1999
Wexford Siobhan Maher
1998 Diarmuid O’Brien
Diarmuid O'Brien 1998
Wexford Bríd Fenton (RIP)
1997 Frank Fenton
Frank Fenton 1997
Wexford Mary O’Connell
1996 Margaret O’Flaherty
Margaret O'Flaherty 1996
Wexford Jimmy O’Brien
1995 Tom McMahon
Tom McMahon 1995
Wexford Anita Concannon
1994 Paddy O’Brien
Paddy O'Brien 1994
Wexford Elieen Hearne
1993 Margaret O’Flaherty
Margaret O'Flaherty 1993
Wexford ???
1992 Brendan Maher (RIP)
Brendan Maher (RIP) 1992
Wexford ???
1991 Andrew Maher
Andrew Maher 1991
Wexford ???
1990 Frank Sheahan
Frank Sheahan Winner 1990
Wexford ???
1989 Frank Fenton
Frank Fenton Winner 1989
Wexford ???
1988 Frank Fenton
Frank Fenton Winner 1988
Wexford ???
1987 Mary O’Connell
Mary O'Connell Winner 1997
Wexford ???